This Week’s Lunch – March 28

This Week’s Lunch – March 28

We are still recovering from our move.  Slowly, but surely, there is art on the walls, the numbers of boxes in the garage is starting to dwindle, and I can (mostly) find what I’m lookin g for in the kitchen.  We’re building up our condiments again and I even found a Chianti red wine vinegar in our new go-to market.  Part of the challenge to fully settling in is that we are also trying to get our house in the southern PNW ready to go on the market.  I’ll end up with half a weekend the next few weeks, which makes it a bit challenging to do wide-scale food prep, not to mention find the time to really shop.  I decided this would be a good week to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: create my own cheese plate for lunch.  So this week is a picnic-style cheese spread and a kale and radish salad to celebrate spring.

I was unbelievably happy that I was able to find, on the first go, my cherry chutney in the boxes of pickles and preserves that I still haven’t unpacked.  I’m also delighted that where we live has no fewer than four natural foods markets that all sell really good cheese.

Here’s a photo preview of the week.  I’ll post more about the cheeses and the salad later this week.

cheese plate 1radish and kale salad1


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