Fix Me a Little Lunch is Back!

Fix Me a Little Lunch is Back!

You may have noticed my extended absence over the past few weeks from the blog.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was searching for a new desk for my little lunches.  About three weeks ago, I was offered a job in the beautiful northern part of Oregon – in Portland.  It all happened very quickly, and the last few weeks have been a frenzy of moving, starting a new job, and settling in.  I’m finally getting my feet back under me, but thought I’d at least share what we’ve been eating since we moved.

First up – Portland and surrounding areas are a haven for brunch.  On the first weekend we were here, we ventured to Vancouver, WA and brunched at  Dulin’s Cafe.  The wait was long, of course – that seems to be a theme for brunching around here.  However, the wait time conversations can be enlightening, and in this case, the woman I was sitting next to and chatting with highly recommended the eggs benedict.  I have to confess – I’d never had eggs benedict before.  I’m more an omelet kind of girl.  I went out on a limb though, and had the asparagus and Dugness Crab eggs benedict and…food bliss.  brunch1

Today, we went to Gravy Restaurant.  Again, there was a wait, though it was a short one and we were fortunate to have a sunny day for a change in the PNW.  I tried out the corned beef hash.  We have enough leftover to have breakfast for several days here at home.brunch2

Beyond this, we’ve had some great lunches at Sen Yai Noodle, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before.

Sen Yai1

We also found a lovely Indian restaurant: Abhiruchi   This meal produced both a wonderful dinner, but also leftovers of my mutter paneer for lunch.  This was, technically, my first real lunch at my desk after I started my new job.  All and all, in the first week, I had a sandwich at the local coffee shop, Indian leftovers, two days of Amy’s Macaroni and Cheese and Pesto Tortellini, and one day out for lunch at a Lebanese restaurant that has food that defies description – it was that good.   I wish I’d gotten photos at the Lebanese restaurant – they have two full shelves of house made pickles.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back, though.


Meanwhile, at home, we’ve alternated to desperation meals (Chipotle, Burgerville), some great meals out, and then these two home-based meals: easy, easy chopped salad, and roast chicken and spinach salad with simple focaccia on the side.  I have to say that the latter has made home feel like home finally, as it represented us being unpacked enough to find key cooking equipment, like my stacking bowls and the meat thermometer.

chopped saladchickensalad


All and all, I’m super excited about this new adventure, and super excited to be food blogging again.

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