Food Blogger’s Valentine’s Day Gift List

Food Blogger’s Valentine’s Day Gift List

Valentine’s Day is just a little less than a week away, so my Food Blogger’s Valentine’s Day Gift List is just in time.  Clay and I don’t treat this holiday with much seriousness, really.  We’ve been together for eleven years and though for the first few years I wanted a fancy card (which he obliged), in more recent years, we’ve come to the conclusion that every day in a good marriage is Valentine’s Day.  I know – totally sappy.  That said, we usually do some fancy cooking for the day, and I’ll use it as an excuse to get some fancy wine.  Menu plan this year is crab cakes (with fresh PNW Dungeness crab) and chocolate soufflés.   That’s the plan, at least.  We’ll see how reality plays out – could be a pizza night with beer.

Now all that said, I was thinking some yesterday about what the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts would be for a food blogger.  So if you have a food blogger or foodie in your life, check out the round up below.  I’m pretty sure you couldn’t go wrong with any of these items. #1 A Pasta Maker

Yep – absolutely – this is #1 on my list.  I don’t have one yet, which makes me very sad.  I also don’t have chickens or bees and that makes me sad, too.  Chickens, bees and pasta makers have something in common though – they all take up space and require some amount of time that I don’t currently have.  It doesn’t stop me from longing though (and honestly, I could use fresh eggs to make pasta – these things really do go together).

#2 Food in Jars

This is a must have for a foodie’s bookshelf, especially if you have any interest in preserving foods. Marisa McClellan is the blogger behind the site Food in Jars, as well as the iconic book Food in Jars.  She has several other canning books available, which are just as wonderful.  The best part about Food in Jars for me is the emphasis on small batch preserving.  As much as I love the Ball Blue Book and all the recipes therein, I don’t ever need to can 12 quarts or pints of anything (except for tomatoes).

#3 Ball Purple Jars

And if you are going to get your true love Food in Jars, you might as well bundle it up with some really pretty canning jars, like these.

#4 Copper Dog Biscuit Cutters

I am all for sharing the Valentine’s Day love with my dog, Daisy.  These are my absolute favorite biscuit cutter and I love that they come in three shapes.  While I tend to use the medium sized cutter for Daisy’s biscuits, I can see myself using the smaller ones to make a care package for my mom’s small dogs one of these days.  Daisy’s favorite dog biscuit recipe can be found here.

#5 Copper Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters

I’ve realized this year that to be a food blogger, I really need heart shaped cookie cutters.  It’s one of those things where I feel like I have every other cookie cutter in the world, including a pumpkin shaped one and a turkey, but I don’t have a single heart shaped one.  I love this set – they are just so pretty!

#6 Organic Mushroom Farm

We are so lucky here in the PNW to have access to bountiful varieties of mushrooms.  I’ve yet to go to a farmer’s market where there aren’t seasonal mushrooms and have been introduced to some edible varieties I didn’t know existed when I lived in Colorado (the lion’s mane mushroom comes to mind).  That said, I love the idea of growing my own mushrooms, which is possible with this great mushroom growing kit.  Just imagine growing your own mushrooms and then eating them in Triple Mushroom and Truffle Risotto. 

#7 Kombucha Kit

Like with the mushroom growing kit, I’m a foodie who enjoys homesteading type projects.  Learning to brew, whether it is beer, wine, or kombucha, sounds like a great way to spend some time on the weekend.  This kombucha kit includes everything you would need to get started on your own homemade kombucha, including the scoby (or mother).  Fermentation projects are the best – it’s so much fun to watch something transform.

#8 Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

And of course, what could be better for a food lover than the tools to make homemade cheese?  Mozzarella and ricotta cheese are the gateway cheeses for the home fromager.  Once you get going on these, the next step is a cheese cave and molds (both the kinds to make blue cheese and the kinds to set up your cheese rounds).  If you love your food blogging sweetie, you’ll definitely enable him or her with this kit.


#9 Bar Set for Cocktails

I absolutely love my cocktail shaker.  Right now, though, my bar set is limited to a cocktail shaker and a shot glass.  Beyond that, I improvise. End of a wooden spoon as a muddler? Check.  Vegetable peeler for garnishes?  Check.  Anything fancier than that?  Forget about it.  I could definitely use a fancy bar set (along with a fancy bar cart – but that’s on another list for another day).  I love this one – it’s simple, not too expensive, and has just the right number of tools.  It also looks like it would fit in the cabinet where I keep all the liquor.

#10 Pusheen Mug

And what every food blogger needs is a cute Pusheen mug (especially for a food blogger who is also a cat lover).  I adore this one – because I need a catpusheeno in my life.  Plus, it’s got a heart on it – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

What are you and your loves doing for Valentine’s Day this year?  I’d love to read about it in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Food Blogger’s Valentine’s Day Gift List

    1. Thanks, Sophie! I think I’m going to nudge my husband to get me the mug this year – if not for Valentine’s Day then for my birthday. 🙂

  1. Such a great list for foodies and food bloggers! Those mushroom and kombucha kits are great gift ideas for the food lover who might have it all. I love my pasta maker, which looks similar to the one here, but really need to use it more. This might inspire me to break it out of hibernation this weekend! Thanks!

    1. Aren’t they pretty? I love having pretty jars around for all sorts of things – even just putting a salad in a jar for lunch can make me happy! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful gift ideas. I’ve been doing some craft brewing, and that Kombucha kit is something that I am going to drop “hints” on for my hubby to buy me. haha. Your ideas are unique and interactive. Love them!

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