Freezer Friendly Veggie Yakisoba

Freezer Friendly Veggie Yakisoba

I think Saturdays are going to fairly regularly feature freezer meals. When I’m cooking anyway on the weekend and the kitchen is a wreck, it’s not a big deal to do one more dish, especially if it’s one that can be frozen and provides us many easy-in-the-oven weekday meals.

As always, our quirky local market, Sherm’s Thunderbird, provides one of the more unusual ingredients in this recipe – the fresh yakisoba noodles. They also sell fresh Udon noodles, in addition to various types of wonton wrappers. I have no explanation. I’ve made similar style yakisoba or stir fry with both dried Udon noodles, as well as with spaghetti, so there are some options if you can’t find fresh yakisoba noodles.Yakisoba

Freezer Friendly Veggie Yakisoba
Serves 10

5 stalks celery
½ head cabbage
10 mushrooms
4 eggs
1 package fresh yakisoba noodles
¼ cup white wine
1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
¼ cup + 3 tablespoons sesame oil
Siracha to taste

Chop all the vegetables in medium size chunks. Set the cabbage and mushrooms aside. Heat 1 tablespoon of the sesame oil in a large pot or wok and then add the celery, sautéing for 2 minutes. Add the cabbage and sauté for another 2 minutes. Add the mushrooms, another tablespoon of sesame oil, a tablespoon of soy sauce, and the ¼ cup white wine and cook until the cabbage and mushrooms are soft and reduced.

Add the yakisoba noodles, 1/3 cup of soy sauce, and ¼ cup of sesame oil and mix well.   Crack the eggs directly over the noodles and stir them briefly to fully distribute the eggs.

Cook the noodle, vegetable, and egg mixture until the egg is set and most of the liquid is absorbed.

Serve with a drizzle of siracha, sesame oil, and soy sauce to taste.

This freezes and re-heats well.


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