Late Summer Melon Mojito

Late Summer Melon Mojito

I keep thinking that the last of summer is surely around the corner.  I’m ready for sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and lots and lots of rain (it’s the PNW after all – shouldn’t it be raining already?).  I know there is a change coming in the weather; I’m just impatient, that’s all.  In the meantime, I figure if it’s going to insist on being in the mid-eighties, I might as well enjoy a last (maybe) summer cocktail or two.

It’s sometimes challenging to be in a family with food allergies.  There’s a list of fruits, vegetables, and nuts that Clay is sensitive to, including melons.  This means that anytime I buy a melon, I’m on the hook for finishing the entire thing.  This leads to the purchase of about one melon per season.  This year, I picked up a Galia melon from the farmer’s market.  In addition to eating it as part of my lunch, I also saved a quarter of it for this mojito.

Somehow or another, I also managed to go the entire summer season without making a single mojito.  I’m going to blame a much diminished liquor cabinet (our new kitchen doesn’t have space for much beyond the pantry basics), as well as limited access to mint.  I’m keeping everything contained in pots, so my one mint plant has had to battle it out with oregano and chard.  I didn’t realize anything could hold its own with mint, but the oregano has done a fine job.


Late Summer Melon Mojito
Serves One (but could easily be doubled)

¼ melon
3 sprigs mint
Juice from one lime
2 ounces white rum
Club soda

Combine the melon, mint, lime juice and rum in a cocktail glass and thoroughly muddle.  Add ice and top with club soda.  Enjoy!

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