My Lunch – Week of February 7

My Lunch – Week of February 7

This week’s theme is the path of least resistance.  I threw out my back mid-week last week and spent three days, bored out of my mind, scanning Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I was finally able to move around a bit more today, so decided lunch needed to be very simple this week.  As promised, there is a preserved lemon recipe coming up this week.  This week also features Veggie Booty – my absolute favorite easy snack.  this week Feb 7

Front row, left to right: Valentine’s Day Granola, tuna salad with preserved lemons, and Veggie Booty

Back row, left to right: Endive leaves (for serving the tuna salad), yogurt with rhubarb cherry jam, and a Lazy Day Citrus Smoothie

Happy lunching!

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