Pea Shoot Pesto

Pea Shoot Pesto

I first learned about pea shoots a few years ago – it seems that they were all the rage for a while on food blogs and cooking shows.  I have to confess though that I hadn’t actually eaten a pea shoot until this past weekend, as I could never stand the thought of pinching off any part of a pea plant that might produce a pea.  We were at the farmer’s market, and one of the vendors had hearty bunches of pea shoots for $2.00 a bunch.  I had to have some.  I took them home, washed one shoot off and nibbled – pure pea concentrated.  I was in spring overload. 

I’ll pesto just about any green you put in front of me, so I had to make pea shoot pesto.  I saved about a quarter of the pea shoot bundle for a salad – pea shoot pesto, pea shoots, asparagus, assorted micro-greens, and hard-boiled eggs have made the perfect mid-day meal to get me back on track for eating real food.  This makes me think it would have been worth it to sacrifice a few pea pods just to eat the pea shoots – it’s that good.

pea shoot pesto prep

pea shoot pesto

Pea Shoot Pesto

1 bunch pea shoots
12 basil leaves
2 cloves garlic
½ cup pine nuts
½ cup parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon lemon juice
½ cup olive oil

Combine ingredients from pea shoots through lemon juice in a food processor and process for a few pulses. Add olive oil slowly and continue to process until the pesto is a smooth paste.  Pesto can be frozen for several months. 

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