Tips for Healthy Travel

Tips for Healthy Travel

This week, there won’t be any little lunches.  I’ll be out of my office all week long, traveling.  I’ve spent a large part of my adult life traveling: I lived for two years in Majuro in the Marshall Islands and made the trip to and from the US four times during that time period, flying thirteen hours each way.  I’ve also traveled internationally in other spots of the world for vacation, traveled quite a bit in the US for work, and now spent much time traveling throughout Oregon both for fun and for work.

At first, when I traveled, I was a fairly strict vegetarian.  This often made lunch, particularly grabbed in an airport, complicated.  I learned to find specific spots in airports I frequented so that I was guaranteed food.  A particular BBQ place in Houston that served a very good baked potato comes to mind.  Though I’m not a vegetarian anymore, I’m still pretty picky about what I eat, so I don’t want to succumb to eating fast food as I transfer planes.  Last year, I traveled to Baltimore and, for the first time, packed my lunch.  It was such a good alternative to trying to find fresh and healthy food, I’ve done it ever since.

So here’s what’s in my carry-on luggage this time.

travel bag components 2

salami wrap oatmeal

Top: Umpqua Oats Oatmeal, In a Pickle Popcorn (Trader Joe’s), instant coffee from Starbucks, a salted dark chocolate bar (also Trader Joe’s), and trail mix (combination of peanuts, Brazil nuts, dried apricots, dried cranberries, dried edamames, and chocolate covered raisins).

Bottom: Salami, provolone cheese, hummus, and lettuce wrap in a tortilla.  These can all handle going unrefrigerated for a while so I’ll eat this between flights, right around lunch time.  Umpqua Oats Oatmeal, wrapped in a plastic bag in my carry on to prevent getting dried oatmeal everywhere on my clothes).

When I get through security at the airport I’ll buy water.  I’ll be well hydrated and well snacked throughout my flights and in the several nights at the hotel.  On the flights back, I’ll take my chances with airport food.

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