Week in Pictures

Week in Pictures

spring flowers spring flowers 2

Because it’s spring, and everything is blooming everywhere here in the PNW, I wander around the area where I work and take lots of pictures.

leftover hash

Brunch leftovers made eggs and hash on Sunday morning.

grapefruit and granola

So then I had to try to be healthy the rest of the week with broiled grapefruit, honey, greek yogurt and granola.

bagels and chips

Bagels were a go to for lunches.  I found a great place for Terra chips on the cheap: both the mixed chips with Mediterranean flavors and the picked beet flavor.

fava1roasted fava 2

Favas made a great mid-week snack.


And then late in the day on Friday, I wandered to the corner coffee shop to get Thai tea with boba.  I think I could get used to this city life.

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