What I Ate and What’s Coming Up

What I Ate and What’s Coming Up

I feel like I’ve been eating my way through the Portland and Salem metro areas.  We’ve been trying out the various Pho places near where we live – and have found a definite favorite.  We have at least one more to try.   I’ve also been traveling quite a bit – I was fortunate to spend the morning in Salem at my favorite coffee shop:  Archive Coffee.  In addition to making a perfect dry cappuccino, they also serve amazing scones and muffins – each with a particular herb or spice featured.


Saturday was all about the farmer’s market.  Asparagus is in season here – I think we may have bought three pounds of asparagus – not sure what we’re going to do with it all.  I think there is a fermented asparagus recipe in my future.

Sunday was all about dim sum.  We went to the House of Louie in downtown Portland and ate, and ate, and ate some more.  I am not entirely sure what we ate – I just know it was all so good.

dimsum3 dimsum1 dimsum2 dimsum4

We went to dim sum with my cousin and her significant other.  She sent us on our way after with a cherry tomato plant, because it’s planting time, and a home-brewed, micro-brew IPA.


But Monday is looming, so it’s back to little lunches.  Coming up this week: a recipe featuring morels!  And one with pickles! It’s going to be a tasty week.

morel pickleandchicken1

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