Jamtini Time!

Jamtini Time!

We have had nothing but rain for days and days in the PNW.  I think that may be why I find citrus so appealing this time of year.  It’s a promise of warm, sunny days and hope that getting through the shortest day of the year will lead yet again to enough sunshine to be able to actually walk the dog.

I have a few Meyer lemons left from our last grocery shopping trip.  I also have a good stash of canned goods from spring and summer.  As we round out the old year and head into the new, I become increasingly desperate to use up the canned goods and make way for the time, not so far away, when strawberries and asparagus are back in season and the whole cycle of putting up for the cold short days of December starts all over again.  Using canned goods in cocktails is one way to go, especially when I have a half can of strawberry lavender caramel syrup to use up.

This is a fairly straightforward recipe – if you don’t happen to have strawberry lavender caramel syrup in the pantry, I’m pretty sure that this would be tasty with strawberry preserves.  If you might be inclined to preserve strawberries this spring, check out the recipe for the syrup at one of my all time favorite blogs: Food in Jars (Recipe link here).


Meyer Lemon Jamtini

Serves One

2 ounces vodka
Juice of one Meyer lemon
1 ounce strawberry lavender caramel syrup (or strawberry preserves)

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice.  Serve in a martini glass with maraschino cherries, if so inclined.







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