This Week’s Lunch – March 21

This Week’s Lunch – March 21

I’m slowly but surely returning to something that resembles normalcy.  We went to the local farmer’s market this weekend.  Luckily, we live in a place where the farmer’s market runs for two days – both Saturday and Sunday, so while Saturday was busy with shopping and unpacking, we braved the rain on Sunday to check out what was available and got a nice early spring haul of eggs, spinach, radishes, garlic and flowers.

spring market


I’m currently in an office space that has no external window, so flowers on my desk are essential.  Ok – fine – even when I had an office with a window, I still brought flowers in every week.

spring flowers

I suspect I’ll be having a combination of lunch out and lunch at my desk, at least for the first few weeks.  Today, Clay stopped by and we found this wonderful food right across the street.


I wish I’d gotten a better picture of just the herbs.  This bowl of pho came with the traditional basil, but also a narrow-leaved herb that tasted like a more mild basil.  A little research and I’ve discovered it’s an herb called culantro (common names include Mexican coriander or saw-leaf herb).  It’s the saw leaf herb on the far left that you can just see in this photo.

The rest of my week looks like this:

bagel 3 bagel 2 grapefruit

The top two photos are of the bagel sandwich I put together tonight for tomorrow’s lunch.  I made a veggie cream cheese with carrots, cilantro and a few red pepper flakes, which compliment quick picked radishes and carrots, avocado and spinach.  Given I haven’t had much time for food prep, I’m also taking Terra chips for a side snack, and broiled grapefruit with honey and granola for later in the afternoon.  I had to buy granola this weekend (gasp!) but hope to be back to normal home granola production soon.

I’ll have a recipe for the quick picked spring veggies coming up tomorrow on the blog.  For a preview pic, check out my instagram feed (fixmealittlelunch).

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